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2017/09/23 15:38 update

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Nagoya-higashi store
TEL: 0120 (935) 872
The east store appearance
Nagoya-nishi store
TEL: 0120 (935) 874
The west store appearance
Nagoya-minami store
TEL: 0120 (935) 873
The Nagoya-minami store appearance
Kasugai store
TEL: 0120 (935) 881
The Kasugai store appearance
Nakagawa store
TEL: 0120 (121) 090
The Nakagawa store appearance
Company Profile
The head office appearance
Company name
1-1304, Kamiyashiro, Meitou-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Kitamura third Building the fourth floor
License number
Governor of Aichi prefecture (3) 20175
Business hours
From 9:00 to 18:00
Regular holiday
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Voice of visitor

1709A Nakagawa store
2017.09.21Nakagawa store

A (Nakagawa-ku)


It was the first real esate purchase, but visit and explanation were careful one by one and had an impression that we knew a lot. One month passed with early thing, but is place feeling that we are gradually getting used to current house. In addition, we knew, is development almost expected area in place where area where we moved is relatively near from place where we lived in before in matter this time when real esate building newly recently increases? We feel to. There was uneasiness, too, but can spend time comfortably now first. Thank you.

1709K Kasugai store
2017.09.19Kasugai store

K (Kita-ku)


We had first metedewakaranaikotodarakedeshitagatotemo kindness support and were able to contract to purchase house in peace. We thank Imperial garden very much. Thank you very much.




1709C east store
2017.09.15Nagoya-higashi store
C (Nagakute City)


It was good home loan went, and to be able to contract immediately. Smooth uni contract was allowed to advance in various ways.

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